Đại học Porto (UPORTO)

Bồ Đào Nha, Porto , Praça Gomes Teixeira

The University of Porto was formally created on 22 March 1911, as a result of the newly implanted republican system. However, it stems, since the 18th century, from many combined experiences of training in Science, Arts and Medicine, which would lead to the future University. The university has three main sites known as Polos spreading out all over the city of Porto (Polo I – downtown, Polo II Asprela (northern Porto), Polo III Campo Alegre (western bank, river Douro) and a fourth site outside the city, in Vairão The U.Porto is composed of 14 Organic Units of Education and Research called faculties or institutes. Their mission includes education, research and the provision of services in their specific area of competence. The University of Porto is an important driving force for economic, social, cultural and scientific development in Northern Portugal and in the country as a whole.

Cấp quỹ: Công cộng
Chứng nhận: Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior
Lớp 3
Ngôn ngữ 1
Các bộ môn 14
Học phí mỗi năm
Nội tệ: EUR
499,00 €1.375,00 €
Yêu cầu
  • Chi tiết tuyển sinh: Secondary school certificate and entrance examination, with admitted students requiring a score of at least 10/20
Tiền tệ của bạn: USD
540,54 US$1.489,47 US$

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