Đại học Công giáo Leuven (KULeuven)

Bỉ, Leuven , Naamssestraat 22

Founded 1425 by Bull of Pope Martin V on the initiative of Duke John of Brabant. Collegium Trilingue established by Erasmus 1517. Suppressed 1797 under French occupation and closed during the reigns of Napoleon and William I of Holland. Re-established 1834 as Catholic University by Belgian episcopate. Reorganized 1969 with two divisions, the Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven and the Université catholique de Louvain which became separate legal entities in 1970. The titular head of the University is the Cardinal Archbishop of Malines, it is independent of direct State control but receives a full State subvention.

Cấp quỹ: Chưa rõ
Lớp 3
Ngôn ngữ 2
Các bộ môn 21
Yêu cầu
  • Chi tiết tuyển sinh: Secondary school leaving certificate or foreign equivalent if formally recognized under agreements concluded with the Belgian Government. Other foreign qualifications subject to the approval of the faculty concerned
Khóa học trực tuyến ngắn 23

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